Change is afoot!

23rd March 2012
All of my professional landscape work to date has been captured with medium format film and panoramic cameras, but I have decided to change things up a bit. I am moving over to using high-resolution digital equipment and fully digital printing. I will no longer be using the silver-halide printing process. This will enable me to have a far quicker workflow and I’m very excited by the prospect. It will also enable me to introduce more affordable prices for my prints. The film/silver-halide print process is very expensive so this change is certainly very welcome. Any collectors who own a silver-halide print of mine now have something very rare, as it is unlikely that I’ll be printing that way again. I will be putting my revised print prices on my website in the next couple of days. Framing prices will remain the same. Thanks for all your support and I look forward to showing you some new images soon!